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Front Office/Desk (FO)

VisualAroma-FO software module is for use in Hotel or Resort at Front Office/ Front Desk

Guest Management

Mantains all tasks from guest check-ins to check-outs. At the time of check-in you can use different Plans (EP,AP,CP,MAP), predefined company packages or from guest history. Manage guest's liking/disliking. Partial check-in/check-out. Room Transfer


Different type of billing is available like Telephone, Laudnry, Miscellaneous (for taxis, flower decoration etc.). At the time of check-out, supporting bills can be separated. Payments can be made as Cash, Credit, Sundry Debtor or to another room-guest.


More then 70 different type of reports like Sales, Taxation, Sale Trends, Occupancy Trends, Operator Management Controls. All reports can be exported to MS-Word, MS-Excel and other formats. Reports can be emailed.

Customer Relationship Management

Send Mobile SMSs with your brand name for different type of alerts like Guest-Welcome, Guest-Messages, Marketting and special offers to customers ever stayed in your property.

Customer's Payment Management

Payment receiving is Bill-wise and centralized. You can see current outstanding or outstanding payments for a particular period (between two dates). Guest Ledger. Send regular SMSs alerts to guest for pending payments or to inform theire balances.