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Point Of Sale (Food and Beverage-FB)

VisualAroma-POS/FB software module is used in food outlets like Restaurant, Room Service, Bar, FastFood etc...

Guest Order Processing

Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) / Bar Order Ticket (BOT) generation and printing. Grouped/Ungrouped KOT/BOT (based on production department) prints KOT/BOT items at different locations based on production place. KOT/BOT modification is based on permissions. Home delivery orders with guest's contact number.


Auto bill generation for Fast-Food type bills. Operator based discount limits. Discount Card Holders. Duplicate, Reprint, View Bills. Bill cancellation. Settlement as Cash, Credit Card or Sundry Debtor.


Manage Items, Stewards, Discount Cards, Kitchen Departments and Account Heads


More then 70 different type of Reports like Sale, Taxation, Sale Trends, Management Controls. Back Date Limitation. All reports can be exported to MS-Word, Ms-Excel and other formats. Reports can be emailed.

Customer Relationship Management

Send Mobile SMSs with your brand name for different type alerts like marketing, special offers, to existing customers. Send regular SMS alerts to sundry debtors. All with one click.